Frost on AC unit

  • Clogged air filter reduces air flow through air conditioning unit, this problem with AC will cause to built up frost and subsequently air flow will be cut to zero.
  • Low refrigeration level in air conditioning unit causes also ice build up on AC and AC coil will be clogged by completely.
  • Air conditioning coil could be clogged by lint and dirt by not having air filter or improper air filtration for many year. Once lint and dirt reduces air flow, the whole air system will become less efficient, finally frost will be generated on indoor air coil.

High efficency furnce with zoning

20150205_095146This is a high efficiency furnace along attached to cooling coil. The furnace is a two stage modulating with %97 percent efficiency along with 18 SEER cooling coil and condensing unit attached to it . There is also Zoning system for air distribution for cooling and heating, AS you can see the space is very tight for all equipment and accessories. This design requirement is done by others.