Package Unit

HVAC package unit is a type of air conditioning unit is made of cooling and heating “furnace”systems that are encased in big box. There are two sets of openings, one pair on side and second on the bottom of box, these are supply and return connection of air ducts connection. People choose this type system to save space inside of building or any other structure. This package unit are installed on the roof of house or any other building settings, usually on commercial. The benefit of this type air conditioning unit is to save space inside of building, second the noise of AC dissipate in open space of roof.

Air Conditioning repair

Your air conditioning is no longer cooling.

There can be a lot of reasons your air conditioning is not cooling. I had a lot of customers in past who claimed AC not cooling. So they assumed the system might be out of Freon gas. Of course this is not right and it is a merely a miss conception. An air conditioning repair process involves to check all components. These include electrical, mechanical and all others. the trouble shooting is a step by step process to pin point the exact problem. Some times a repair can be a simple as re-setting main circuit breaker in main panel. if this did not solve the problem then you need to call an air conditioning repair company to do the work for you.

Freon leak source

Finding a leak source in air conditioning system can be hard or easy all depend on size of leak . A large leak can be located easily, like cracked pipe or broken but a small one can be hard and very time consuming, since all spots and piping are not readily accessible. A technician have to suspect all welds and connection. you can see on this video a safety valve is leaking since the back group is shiny there was not trace of oil residue.

Ductless Mini split AC unit.

mini split system indoor unit

Mini split air Conditioning systems are getting very popular these days. There are two types of mini split air conditioning, single zone and multi zone. Single zone is good to cool a single room or office. A multi zone mini system can serves a couple of rooms with several indoor units and a single condensing unit. this option provides very efficient way to air condition each room separate form each other, bare in mind these system is also have higher SEER efficiency rating than to stander central AC unit that is maxed to 14 or 16 SEER.