• Low in Freon gas!

    Your air conditioning is no longer cooling. There are numerous reasons why your air conditioning system may not be providing cooling. Many of my past customers have encountered issues with their AC not cooling and jumped to the conclusion that it was due to a lack of Freon gas, which is a common misconception. In…

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  • Leaking air conditioning coil

    Conducted a pressure test on an air conditioning (AC) coil and have discovered multiple microscopic leaks in the copper tubing. This is a common issue in HVAC systems and can significantly impact the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning unit. Here are some steps and considerations for addressing this issue: Microscopic leaks in AC…

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  • Freon leak source

    Finding a leak in an air conditioning system can indeed range from straightforward to highly challenging, primarily depending on the size and location of the leak. Large leaks, such as those from a cracked pipe or a visibly broken component, can often be identified quickly through visual inspection or by noticing a significant drop in…

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